What We Do

Asistencia Jurídica

Legal orientation and Defense

Since its creation, the ALDANA Foundation has been dedicated to orientate and defend every people’s rights, providing professional legal aid in those cases in which people don’t count with enough economic resources, to afford a private defense, as long as they are cases that by their complexity, require previous study and preparation by specialist lawyers in determined areas.

Ayuda a personas tercera edad en abandono.

Help & Support

The mission of our organization is also to provide technical, cultural, sports and economic assistance and assistance to children, adolescents and the elderly in a state of neglect.

Eventos y donaciones

Events and Donations

In the ALDANA Foundation we plan, promote and carry out public acts or events of social and charitable character, for fundraising and other donations with the goal of execute plans and programs to achieve the wellness of children, teenagers and third age people in abandonment situation.